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's always fun. >> charlie: indonesias an asian success story hit hard by the 1997 financial crises and the overthrow of a dictator it has made an impressive recovery. the world's third largest dact see fastest growing after china and india. forecast gross of 7% and above in the coming years with a young population the second large else market of facebook and third largest for twitter. president obama haled indonesia, the most populous muslim nation for pluralism and religious tolerance. >> thank you so much, thank you everybody. >> charlie: joining me is gita wirjawan a former environment banker but chair of the coordinating board. pleased to have him here as we move more into this fascinating country. welcome. great to see you. >> happy to be here. >> charlie: what's happened to indonesia. >> it's a combination of a number of things but it's quite surprising the way that it turned out, you know. if you would have asked or anybody would have asked myself and many others in 9 8 or 99 whether or not indonesia was going to vulcanize or disintegrate, it would have been tough to disa
. indonesia clearly separate tsunami damage before. what is happening now? what is the information you are getting this time? >> literally, in the last few minutes, we have heard that a tsunami has been detected right up in the northeast of the country, hitting but northern ireland's -- hitting the no. islands. it is only very small, only half a meter high. if you compare that with the huge tsunami that hit different parts of indonesia in 2004, that hit with a height of 23 meters. obviously, this is definitely smaller this time. undoubtably, people are still incredibly were repaired in the last few hours, when they know a tsunami was approaching, people have been evacuating the area. they are up in higher ground. basically doing little more than waiting. here, in places like indonesia and throughout the region, all the little islands that make up micronesia, and the philippines have many islands, and indonesia have many islands, these countries are poorer. they did not have the resources japan has to prepare people for earthquakes and tsunamis. people here, there is very little they ca
country to have fallen victim to a major earthquake. but indonesia hit harder than any country before as far as a tsunami. we go to our correspondent. has the message gotten out about this tsunami warning? and if so, are people preparing for it? >> well, finally, yes. the government here has been advising people in the north of indonesia to evacuate. the tsunami is expected to hit in an hour's time and not expected to be as big as the 2004 tsunami, that was obviously the huge tsunami that absolutely devastated this country. people here are not expecting it to be that big, but on the other hand, it's incredibly worrying to people here. this is a country unlike japan where the infrastructures in japan are built to withstand earthquakes and they have very solid buildings. here in indonesia in the philippines and in some of the smaller countries also in line with the tsunami, people live in wooden houses by the beach. they don't have very much between them and a wave. so even if these waves are one meter or two meters high, it still could cause substantial damage. >> and one would imagine
about an 8.8, we have to think back to the indonesia earthquake and some lawmakers that was 9.0. this is a situation we will be talking about for quite some time. a greater earthquake has now occurred. 150 kilometers east of japan. these do not occur often. in that. these ways will continue to propagate. other countries will have more time as they continue to watch the news and hopefully evacuate folks from the coast. as far as japan, it wasn't enough time. 150 kilometers east, that was the epicenter. these things travel at 8 under kph. here is my concern with japan. not only are we going to have earthquake damage because of how close and how shallow this earthquake was that we can have subsequent tsunami waves arriving. this is not over but it could continue for quite some time over the next couple of hours. we will have to watch them closely. japan meteorological agency did not mince words. the issue immediately upon the earthquake a major tsunami warning for the coast east and the forecasted wave heights up words of three meters) that looks like it has materialized if not
of china, south korea, japan. who else should we keep an eye on? >> indonesia. 85% of the population are muslims. the largest muslim population of anywhere in the world, but more christians than the population of australia. this is a diverse country. our national slogan is "e pluribus unum." in indonesia, it is "unity in diversity." they have this enormous number of ethnic groups, languages, and they have been able to make a go of the country. >> this is what came to me as i was preparing for the conversation. years ago, and i mean years ago, my mother used to say -- god bless her -- if a business could sell one pair of nylon stockings to every woman in china, they would have a very successful business. was she right way back when? >> she is right in terms of the math but perhaps a little bit optimistic in terms of the possibilities. >> it seems that everything we read about with china and united states is focused on economics and trade and investment. >> if you take a chinese peasant and move that peasant into an urban job, the productivity of the worker goes up 20 times. >> why is
talking about a few hundred meters of the very fringes of the sea. japan is not a country like indonesia. it is a very rich country. and it has a very active construction industry which for decades has been concreting over the coastlines. to a rather depressing extent. what that means is that the coast is by and large pretty well protected. there aren't a lot of areas of open coast, certainly not in the towns. so plenty of these places do have seawalls in place. they have the pods which absorb the tides. and a big earthquake in japan doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. so there's certainly no excuse for not being prepared. >> absolutely. richard lloyd parry, editor for the times. thank you for talking with us and explaining your experience there as this 8.9 earthquake struck where you are. and you have made the decision to stay safely in that building. just for a moment, let's listen in to nhk coverage. nhk tv there in japan. and listen to what they're able to report at this point. >> reporter: heads of the various political parties, our secretary general and our -- vice deputy preside
we're talking about. indonesia arrival time at 11:00 gmt. again, we're going to continue to track this for the next 24 hours just like we did with the chilling earthquake. solomon islands at 12:28. kiribati down in the south at 12:37 gmt. what we cannot do -- here's what everybody wants to know. if you live in some of these countries, how high is the water going to be? we cannot forecast that because the bithometry is so different, the irregularity is so different that literally in the same country we could have the arrival of a 5-foot wave and a few kilometers away a 20-foot wave-plus. that's the problem with this. we know when they will arrive but we don't know how bad they will be. new zealand at 18:23. nicaragua, now we're getting at 22:00 gmt. i'll stop there. if we have the map with the other cities on there, let's switch that and put that behind me. we have warnings that extend essentially to mexico, peru, ecuador. all of these regions are going to be impacted at some point or noochlt we have plenty of time to warn those folks. the countries that you've seen highlighted the
, the marques islands and a tsunami watch in guam, taiwan, the philippines, indonesia and hawaii. we are told by japan's nhk that the small -- that a small tsunami has hit the shores near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. their time. japan's weather agency warning that the tsunami could be as high as 20 feet in some places. and that could strike near miiagi. and that is closest to the epicenter of where this hit. the agency is say that this quake struck about 2:46 friday. and that it struck at a depth of 6 mile, about 80 miles off the eastern coast. this was an offshore earthquake. again, we are getting more as we are speaking to you right now. if you are just joining us, japan issuing its top tsunami warning after this major off-shore earthquake, measuring 7.9. it hit on friday. and it shook buildings in tokyo, sending people -- we are told -- running into the streets. that's a report coming out of tokyo. smoke was seen rise from this capitol, according to tv reports and we just showed that you a second ago. can we show that again? if we have it? okay, don't have that. but we will bring that to
afecto a nueva zelanda, australia, rusia, guam, filipinas, indonesia, papúa nueva guinea, nauru, hawái, islas marianas del norte, estados unidos, taiwán, américa central, méxico, colombia, perú, ecuador y chile . >> la autoridades de japón están alerta por la central nuclear de japón . >> el mayor terremoto en japón ya dejó centenares de víctimas el ministerio dijo que las víctimas pueden ser más de mil. >> tan sólo en miyagi, la policía encontro entre 300 y 400 persona smuertas. >> a nivel local la alerta se anuncio este día viernes . >> uno de los puntos más vigilados fue acá en san francisco . >> buenas tardes beatriz ferrari . >> buenas tardes, ahora estamos donde las olas no fueron una complicacion, pero si donde hubieron muchos daños fue en el condado de santa cruz, esto también en el condado de san mateo . >> el gobernador jerry brown declaró estado de emergencia. >> mire el bote que quedo enganchado. >> las autoridades intentaban tomar control de las embarcaciones que navegaban a la deriva . >> nunca había visto algo así acá, las embarcaciones estaban cho
watches and warnings not only for japan, as you can imagine, but russia, japan, the philippines, indonesia, guam and the u.s. state of hawaii as well. this is evolving into an international event. dramatic footage, homes and buildings just being washed away as tsunami just -- literally a 13-foot tsunami engulfs that country. >> take a look at this water damage here as you see it plowing over buildings. you see homes, businesses, cars absolutely being caught up in this flood. we've all, of course, been familiar with the damage that a tsunami can cause. right now there is a warning about another tsunami that could hit. this one was 19 feet and apparently there are more that could hit. >> right now we're getting information that this is the biggest earthquake since 1995. the biggest earthquake since 1995. it struck at about 2:46 japan time, shortly after 1:00 a.m. eastern time. again, 8.8, that is a monster earthquake. already word from japanese officials that they're going to -- already in the process now of accepting foreign assistance because the scope of this is going to be unbelievable.
in russia, the philippines, indonesia, taiwan, guam and u.s. state of hawaii. a major, major disaster in that part of the world on this friday morning. >> we'll continue to bring you the latest details and also more live pictures from japan. stay with us. we'll take a quick break. i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insuranc. plus you'll get this free guide to understanding medicare. the prices are competitive. i can keep my own doctor. and i don't
in '98, indonesia everybody said this place won't hold together. we're in a modern world. other countries don't always fall apart so easily. there are forces of sbe sbrags to keep it together. let's not think of every worst case scenario when we're dealing with one of the two, three most repressive regimes in the world. whatever happens will be better than gadhafi. >> we talks about this during egypt. the whole neighborhood was watching. perhaps the most volatile neighborhood in the world. what is being said by governments friendly and not so friendly in the region about how the united states and the world so far are handling libya? >> i think that's a crucial point, john. that's one of the reasons to be supportive. it's one thing to support the people. it's one thing to put as much pressure as you can on libya. but if the united states starts intervening, in order to do regime change, it is going to unsettle the other countries. it would be nice if we could say it doesn't matter. but it does matter. if saudi arabia doesn't cooperate with us on the pumping of oil around the world. that ma
about what happened in indonesia? what happened in other places? so the muslim majority clearly would matter and that is why people are asking about indonesia. but at this point, there is no sense of boquet this country shows us our future and i think that is quite deliberate on the part of those people who are trying to sort out what kinds of policy and procedures they want to advocate. the question of the youth and mrs. clinton. i actually didn't put much import in that. i think it is clear that mrs. clinton's visit was not particularly well organized and so figuring out beforehand who would be willing and able to meet with her and that is why i think it didn't happen. and so some of that, you know they left themselves open to apparently being disrespected if you well. but i don't know that there is anything deeper to read into that at this juncture in any event. on the issue of the turnout for the constitutional referendum, the mid-40s may not sound like a lot to you but the turnout for the parliamentary elections in the fall was 5%. the mid-40s is pretty high. and in fact it was v
as president formed an organization called le for all, religious liberty for all, got together with indonesia's leading young rock star who also was a strong supporter of this indonesian tradition, and they went around the country putting on rock concerts as soccer stadiums, the rock star would write songs about religious liberty, teach them to kids, the kids would sing, the rock star would entertain and he would talk about the importance of freedom and liberty, including religious liberty. to put it mildly, that is not the saudi tradition. they teach their doctrine. indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world, so it's certainly not everybody. a big chunk. this doctrine effectively teaches death to homosexuals and apostates, all kinds of brutality is fine, beating your wife, killing your daughter as she strolls down a neighborhood street with a neighborhood boy talking. it goes on and on. a worldwide caliphate, theocratic dictatorship. all over the world google to saudi schools are eight, ne-year-old boys who are bein taught to dream someday, perhaps, of being able to be a suicide bo
it was indonesia when i was talking about the mau maus in kenya and father and british and incredible line of narrative and he meant toy say -- no, he didn't. he meant to say what he said. >> he seemed to be questioning the idea the british empire was an empire >> this is a zem for the republicans and not just huckabee because you have polls indicate that you have nearly half of the registered republican voters who buy this kind of stuff. so how do you pander -- >> what percent? >> we willing at major plurality if not a majority. the high 40s. >> the republican party. >> republican party, yes, exactly. >> that's about 20-some percent of the country. >> those are the votes that you need in the republican primary. that's the issue here. this is an issue that george will -- >> george will, let him speak for himself. here's will's comment. here is his take are in this column. sensible americans must be detected vibrations of weirdness and emanating from people associated with the republican party. the most recent vibrator is mike huckabee who referred in a radio interview president obama havin
profound that it simply changed the coastline of indonesia. you're seeing a lot of that also in japan, how far this came inland, because very often you have very, very low elevation land right close to the sea. the difference between japan and indonesia and the reason for the death toll was so much greater in indonesia is that indonesia is a poor country. so people built their villages right on the coast. and lived off of the sea. those villages were simply swept away. >> shepard: we don't know where the death pole is going to go, but they have serious questions about a nuclear reactor there. and many questions about where everyone is. a lot of houses are missing and they can't find the people. >> yeah. >> shepard: that would be a disaster. >> in instances like this, you have early assessment and that changes dramatically. as it did in the 2004 tsunami. we have didn't know the death toll was as large as it was because villages were isolated. they have fabulous it cannology and people in tech owe got warnings 30 seconds in advance of earthquake that a shock was coming because they measured
in indonesia. indonesia, it's a lot to swallow. first of all, both assertions are wrong. he went to the best prep school in hawaii. the brits were in kenya, and the mao mao revolution, that also occurred in kenya. he joined the long list of discredited republicans spreading the story that president obama's presidency is illegitimate. that's our top story. >>> speaking of evading the truth. bob woodward just described donald rumsfeld's memoir to destroy history and simply avoid discussing matters that cannot be air brushed away. >>> plus reps may want to think twice about good after unions or going after social security medicare. our brand-new poll out tonight has the latest where americans are and aren't willing to seek cuts. and who's it going to be? newt? mitt? haley? with republicans hesitating to get into the race, we wondered who would president obama fear if anyone? we'll tell you the scoreboard and the players off field. >>> how many times does new jersey governor chris christie have to say he's not interested in running for president before we start thinking, hey, he really wants to
and indonesia. joining us is mike huckabee, the author of new book. how did that happen? >> honestly it was about 40th media interview of the day. you have done these things, if i read from my own text, i clearly said he grew up in indonesia. it was a verbal gaffe. i immediately apologized but that is not enough for the left wing media. >> bill: we're not giving you jazz. but a smart guy like you, if you make a mistake like that you are going to get hearld by people that don't like you want to see you diminished. to be clear, you understand or believe that president obama resume, born in hawaii, we kept this out of the factor, moved to indonesia as a young boy with his crazy mom. i say that not in a bad way but she was a little eccentric. then comes back to hawaii and never sees his father. i don't think he traveled to kenya as a child. all of that is true, right? >> that is absolutely true. i've been one of those people, i don't have any doubts about his american birth. i've been adamant about that. anyone that says otherwise, they have not listened to what i said. this was a verbal
information coming to us out of the philippines? >> that's right. the philippines, guam, taiwan, indonesia and the u.s. state of hawaii are all in the path of this potential tsunami. joining us now on the telephone is mike cohen. he is a curran gist who is in manila, in the philippines. what is the situation there? >> right now, greg, what we are seeing is generally a situation of evacuation that supped way -- that is underway. an hour ago they gave the order to evacuate coastal and low-lying areas in the philippines. this is not one specific island. this is 19 provinces affecting about 20 mill people, greg. >> is it orderly? is it panicky? >> you have to admit there is panic. they are seeing the scenes on television the scenes from japan. but people are peaceful. the government gave early warning. they are well organized because we do have a lot of problems with typhoons here, and they have been able to get the warning out with enough time. the philippine president went on raid dwroa. -- on radio. they issued a specific instruction. they say to go two kill localers -- kilometers in land.
a warning for hawaii stretching to taiwan and indonesia and russia, columbia and peru. there was a tsunami watch for the western coast of the united states and canada from the mexican border to alaska. the height of the waves could be highier than some low lying places in the pacific. the un has 30 search and rescue teams are on alert. >> the event is taking japan by surprise, even for a place that's used to earthquakes. >> yeah, the earthquakes here are very -- well, part of the ordinary day. it's something you feel frequently. to feel something like this in a few days is alarming. i saw a few minute clutching each other. everyone here is trying to get on their phones and trying to find out if everyone's okay. >> 31 people are already confirmed dead. we'll continue the coverage in a minute. turning back to baltimore. the flooding here is treacherous. andrea fujii has an update on flooding here this morning. >> reporter: hi, jessica, good morning, everyone. maryland is in a state of emergency, the national guard is in active service. take a look at the jones falls behind us. we were here 2
:55, marshall islands, 10:13. indonesia some omer rise if you're watching this from place that's are under a watch and you i didn't name you, that's because you have several hours to prepare yourselves. we'll continue to update that list as that initial wave continues to get closer. >> we're looking at these pictures. we can see something is ablaze there on the ground. this very strange wave of mud and debris with boats included and cars and all sorts of thing. it is when you see something like this unfold before your very eyes, there is nowhere to run when you have something like that coming so fast towered. and of course, it appears to be fairly slow when you're looking aerially. if you're on the ground and that is moving at such a fast speed. you can see the boat there. unbelievable. >> unbelievable pictures. there is a building or a couple buildings on fire and are moving with this tsunami. it is just something you have never seen before. and there is a pretty big vessel there getting pushed ashore. the one good thing that i'm seeing here, there are home now in the way but generally if
a woman gets pregnant in indonesia she is 300 times more likely to die in the next year than if she were not pregnant. one woman is attempting to save more lives. >>> also ahead, u.s. rescue teams are heading to japan. we'll have more on that story when we come back. mbles ] [ male announcer ] the future of mobile computing starts now. the new motorola xoom. powered by the latest android technology, with lightning-fast performance, uncompromising web access and eye-opening hd for the total entertainment experience -- it's everything the tablet should be. >>> prenatal care is a luxury in indonesia. robin lem believes it's a basic human right and is working to get prenatal care for all women. she's our cnn hero of the week. >> the moment that a woman falls pregnant in indonesia, she is 300 times more likely to die in the next 12 months than if she was not pregnant. if you have money you can get excellent medical services but the poorest people don't always get the is services they need. in the hospital here, you cannot take your baby home until you pay the bill. stips the mothers wait outs
in indonesia killing hundreds of thousands. in this case, they are faring much better, which is good to hear. there's still concern of major after shocks. in japan, they had quakes that were in the six magnitude range, seven magnitude range. they are very, very large. the resulting waves just moving cars around as though they were floating twigs. it's caused fires and explosions at energy storage areas. japan is hitting around 6:30 p.m. they are having to deal with this. what i understand, it's night fall at the moment. this is what they are seeing at night. huge flames in areas. in other spaces they are concerned about these dark waves, shall we say, in the darkness, waves of water coming into the coastal areas of japan. the epicenter was only 230 miles away from tokyo. 13 million people live in that metro poll tan area. a huge population. it was a concern. many of them were, at the time, when it hit at 2:00 p.m. local, were moving around in office buildings. it was a slow progression, got larger and larger. many of them realized after a certain point this was going to be larger than what t
reminiscent of the 2004 indonesia tsunami i saw up close and personal. it covered wide swaths of isolated areas. now you have this covering wide swathes of densely populated areas. i think as the hours continue to progress we're going to see the damage continue to rise and the death toll unfortunately will continue to rise also. >> neil: all right, major brown, good seeing you again under these circumstances. we're talking about the nuclear plant. the kyodo news service that radiation levels outside the plant are some eight times the normal levels this is outside the plant. eight times the normal radiation levels. they stress that the deliberate release of radiation is relatively contained and everything will be all right. that gives some angst out there. the huge earthquake hitting japan, this may not be the big one. protests erupting in saudi arabia today what that could mean. [ robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪ my docto
on to harvard, she married another for third world guy, indonesia and took yondah obama into indonesia and becomes more pro-western, more pro-american and his mother became very antagonistic and would attack him and say to young barack don't be like this guy, people like your real man. he was uncompromising, he had ideals. so here's my point. i do think that his mother had an enormous influence on him. she was his father's first convert and so she was the one who elevated in his mind this mythical larger-than-life image of the father and then as obama grew older it was a shock for him to realize my father isn't quite this romantic sort of donaghey of kenya but was a very flawed man and that is when obama undertake this journey to africa and finds out for himself the great thing you write about obama and the family grave and weeping. so let's talk more about barack obama, senior's world. he came to america in 1959. he went to hawaii. you referred to in 1965 essay he wrote in which problems facing out socialism and he called himself an african socialist. do you think -- you describe that
the young obama to indonesia and becomes more pro-western and pro-american and began very antagonistic and would attack him and say don't be like this guy come he was a real man, uncompromising, and i do think that obama had an enormous influence. she was his father's first convert, and so she was the one who elevated in his mind this mythical larger-than-life image of the father and then as obama grew older it was a shock for him to realize my father isn't quite this romantic sort of gone beyond of kenya but was a very flawed man and that is when he undertakes the journey to africa to find out for himself the great scene you write about obama at the family grave and weeping. so let's talk a little bit more about barack obama senior's world. he came to america in 1959, he went to hawaii. you refer to a 1965 essay that he wrote and which problems facing us are socialism and he called himself an african specialist. to describe that essay in the context of debates within kenya and it was. when we think of anticolonialism we think there are different species of anticolonialism. it was more
indonesia. be uh if you insert indonesia in the rest of the talking points, none of it makes sense. it had to be kenya, and that was his first step. then he comes out with this semi apology, but the apology as you highlight, just sort of feeds into more obama bashing, he's not like us, he's foreign, he has a foreign influence, this stuff just won't end and the right wing media will not let this stuff die. they're really fighting the last war. obama won in an e electoral landslide. he won north carolina, he won indiana. this idea that he was foreign and not like us, they won't let it go, but the american people just aren't buying it. >> let's go to michael on this. professor, thank you for joining us. everybody knows i was in the peace corps, i was in africa and most americans who grew up in my age group are familiar with the term mau mau. it was the uprising against the british colonialists in kenya, of course. it ended british rule there and probably in the end was probably a good thing. it got them out of there. i'm not a colonialist. i don't like colonization of other people. the great
when you talk about the mau, mau, with conservative codes and it is not indonesia and not suggesting the couple of years he spent in indonesia with his mom? >> right. it is one heck of a misstatement and it is not like he used it one time and he accidentally said kenya instead of indonesia, and he went on and on and on and the bizarre part is that he h sl slaps down the birther conspiracies by saying that if the birth certificate was fake, the hillary campaign would have found it and then he talks about president obama growing up in kenya. it was bizarre and if it was a mistake, it was a sloppy range one. >> there is something going on there that it has to be an attempt to signal somebody about something, but it doesn't sound like the kind of thing that you say, and certainly not a slip of the tongue. >> right. >> and more developments on the republican front. politico is now reporting and new york times announced or reported that fox has announced that it is actually suspending newt gingrich and rick santorum's contracts? >> that is right. this is probably triggered by newt's announ
to indonesia. ironically low though in indonesia becomes more pro-western, and his mother became very antagonistic and she would attack him and say to young barack don't be like this guy, be like your real deputy was a real bed. he was uncompromising. he had ideas. so here's my point. i do think his mother had enormous influence on him. she was his father's first convert. so she was the one who elevated him, young obama, his larger-than-life image of the father and then as obama grew older it was a shock for him to realize g., my father is not quite this romantic sort of kind the of kenya. he was asked a very fraud that. that's when obama takes a journey to find for himself the great seeing you write about about obama at the family grave weeping. so let's talk about more about barack obama seniors world. he came to america, 1959. he went to hawaii. you refer to in 1965 essay that he wrote in which problems facing our socialism. and call himself an african socialist. do you think -- you describe that essay in the context of debates within kenya. and we think of adequately as a we forge
, 7 terremotos más fuertes, 70 y chile, y 2004 en indonesia. >>> el de alaska tuvo 9,2 grados. >>> y con 8,2 está el de chile. >>> y el de haití, tuvo 7 grados, y un impacto >>> las imágenes, llegan del portaviones, que va rumbo a japón. justamente el presidente obama, expresó sus condolencias, dijo que hay un portaviones en el área, y otro está viajando. >>> y la celebración de su primer año en el poder, sorprendió a sebastián piñera, con la alerta de tsunami, chile fue afectado, por un fuerte terremoto, y maremoto, y dispuso medidas preventivas. >>> y también llegó a la costa oeste de estados unidos, con consecuencias distintas 5 personas que se acercaron a las costas fueron arrastrados, y una de ellas está desaparecida, liliana desde california. >>> el tren de olas, golpea las costas de estados unidos, luego de barrar las costas de japón, a lo largo de california, y oregón, autoridades se mantuvieron alertas, no se esperaba lo mismo, pero pusieron en marcha, un plan de emergencia, y funcionó. >>> y estuvimos monitoreando, y mandamos bomberos a la playa. >>> consi
in the bali sea off indonesia. though a tsunami warning was issue, no immediate report of damages or injuries. >> next week secretary of state hillary clinton plans to meet with members of libya's opposition who are fighting to topple leader moammer gadhafi. clinton will also be visiting egypt and tunisia to press for democratic reforms following the protest that ousted the two country's long-time rulers. meantime troops loyal to qaddafi have driven protestors out of the strategic oil groups. a city that has fallen into opposition hands. the president of the international red cross says doctors in libya are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of casualties mostly civilians. military setbacks, though they did get a major political. french president nicholas sarkozy even shook hands today with two representatives from the counsel. >> gas is going up nationwide. they're trading barbings over who's to blame. they know gas prices have doubled since president obama took office and accuse the obama administration of consistently blocking efforts to
government indonesia has dissolved the secret police -- in tunisia has dissolved teh secret police. thousands of community policemen has put a ban on public protests. they pushed through several buildings. there is the third government reshuffle in the month. they demanded jobs, political reform, and a crackdown on corruption. that has been the place. president obama has approved of the resumption of guantanamo bay in cuba. the facility that president obama vowed to close will operate for some time to come. the correspondent in washington says president obama may have had the option to change the policy. >> this is president obama accepting political reality. there has been a lot of opposition to the idea of closing down guantanamo bay. also, the white house has found it very difficult to persuade countries from where the detainees have come from to take them back. there is the issue that some of them may have been tortured and they would concern -- and there was concern as to how they would be treated. all these things put together has made the white house industrialize that cannot follow th
the page numbers. they still called back and said, well, does he believe that he was born in indonesia? nobody's ever said that. >> huckabee says he merely misspoke. he meant to say indonesia rather than kenya. said this is all being taken out of context and blown out of proportion. that new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows mike huckabee winning 25% of likely republican voters. he is the leader in this poll, followed closely by mitt romney. newt gingrich gets 13%. sarah palin with 12%. >>> let's look at the markets as we get up in your business. rebecca me happen is live in london. >> reporter: it is really the oil markets we're watching again because of the tensions in the leaf and north africa. oil remains high, closing yesterday in the states above $100 a barrel. that's the first time that's happened since september of 2008. we could see a bit of a pullback today because of talk of a possible peace deal in the offering. so let's see what happens with oil. now let's also talk about apple. and we've all seen the gadgets out there, but steve jobs has been the cause some concer
's an indread credible -- incredible statement. i meant to say indonesia and the kenya and the incredible line of narrative and says, oh, he meant to say -- no, he didn't. he meant to say what he said. >> he seemed to be questioning the idea that the british empire was, in fact, an empire. they were coal colonialists. didn't the british used to call us the colonies? >> we're on the side of the defenders of the local land against the columnists. you can't even catch up with huckabee. but he puts them with the mau maus back there with the country with the people trying to defend themselves by killing white people. it's great imagery if you're in this game on the worst side. >> the rest of us were boy scouts and he was running around with the mau maus. this is the problem with not just huckabee. you have nearly half the registered republican voters who buy this kind of stuff. so how do you pander to -- >> what percent, ron? >> we're looking at a major plurality, if not a majority. i think it's the high 40s, maybe even close to 50%. >> in the republican party. >> in the republican party, yeah >> b
. anderson will talk to us today about the event not just in egypt but also indonesia and libya. as you all know, auc is right on tahrir square. we are getting a unique perspective on events in that country as well as in the region. please join me in welcoming dr. anderson. [applause] >> this is the first time i have been out of egypt since the beginning of january. i thought i would talk a little bit about the sort of larger picture of how we think about the authoritarian legacies of the regimes against which these rebellions were made. the tendency to see all of this is understandable but also potentially a significant mistake if you're thinking about policy approaches in the various countries. i want to give a brief overview of that kind. then i will entertain questions including questions about what auc has been doing and life on the square was like during the protests there about prospects for change, particularly in egypt. i want to set the stage, if you will, in a more abstract and broader way. i think it's clear that certainly, in the early days of the uprising, at the beginning of
mother raised him to be raised by his grandparents. he spent his time in hawaii and indonesia and didn't live on the mainland of the u.s. until he was in college. he turned his back on a lucrative law career for community organizing for at love of peace and through hard work and he is the president of the united states of america. does that sound like a system that is broken or one where minorities or not the so well off have no chance? this guy is the champion of america -- that dream is under attack. those who achieve the dream already are telling the rest of us that it can't happen. i'm here to tell you i grew up in a bakery with my dad. have achieved the american dream. you can do it. they are slamming the door, just as they said they would, 150 years ago and they are shutting it through legislation and regulation and van jones is insinuating that it's scott walker to attempt to rein in the budget that is taking on that dream. >> glenn: okay, come on. you are smarter than this. is scott walker taking the american dream away from the people? is he attacking people that hold our comm
and indonesia. joining us is mike huckabee the author of the brand new book "a simple government." >> bill: how did that happen. >> it was the 40th media interview of the day. have you done these things. if i had read from my own text i clearly said he grew up in indonesia. it was a verbal gaffe. i immediately apologized. that's not enough for the left-wing media in this country, bill. >> bill: we're not giving you jazz here but a smart guy like you, if you make a mistake like that, you are going to get hammered by the people who don't like you and want to see you finished and that's what happened here. but you, just to be clear, you understand or believe that president obama's resume born in hawaii and we checked this out on the factor. we know it's true. moved to indonesia as a young boy with his crazy mom. and i say that not in a bad way but she was a little eccentric, let's be honest. he comes back to hawaii to be raised by his grandparents. never sees his father. i don't think he traveled to kenya as a child. all of that is true, correct? >> that's absolutely true. you know, i have been on
in hawaii and indonesia. maybe huckabee just misspoke. >> his perspective as growing up in kenya with a kenyan father and grandfather, their view of the maumau revolution in kenya is very different than ours because he probably grew up hearing that the british were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather. >> hum. hum. interesting. huckabee tried to clarify these statements on his huck pac website saying i simply misspoke when i alluded to president obama growing up in kenya and meant to say indonesia. so he misspoke and meant indonesia. even though he said kenya twice. you heard it. and talked about the maumau rebellion against the british in kenya. but take a look at huckabee's past statements about the president of the united states. this is the first sentence of his new book. quote, since barack obama was elected, plenty of books have been written criticizing his administration and accusing him of all sorts of things -- from being a marxist to lying about his citizenship to being a muslim but if you know me or if you're familiar with my commentaries on tv and ra
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